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3 Axis Joysticks – How to Buy 3 axis joysticks Online

3 Axis Joysticks – How to Buy 3 axis joysticks Online

3 axis joysticks have many uses. However, these devices are mostly used by gamers. The reason for this is because of the many features they offer as well as the accuracy they deliver. Whether you plan on purchasing these devices for gaming or want to use them for other things, it is always good to make sure that you purchase only the best device. But how do you ensure you make the best choice when shopping online? Here are some of the key things you have to do when shopping for joysticks from an online dealer.


Know what you need them for

The first step is to identify your needs. What do you want to use the joysticks for? Do you need them for an arcade game or for controlling security cameras? Knowing exactly what you need the joysticks for is the key to finding that brand that will help achieve your goals. This will further help you narrow down the list and keep yourself from being distracted by devices that will not help you. It is only after doing this that you should start your search on reputable online stores.


Read the details keenly

When on an online store, you need to make sure that you always read through the device details keenly. The mistake most people make when shopping for 3 axis joysticks is that of picking a device based on its looks. The details that are provided will give you more information on the typical uses of the device, its features and system compatibility among other things. If there are user reviews and ratings, you should not ignore them. They will give you more insight into the device.


Read online reviews

Just because the device details look impressive does not mean you should go ahead and order it. You need to dig deeper. Get the model number of the 3 axis joysticks you are considering and search for online independent reviews that cover it. This is the only way you will keep yourself from acting upon biased information.


Search for review videos

YouTube is probably the largest video sharing site on the Internet. You will most likely find more video reviews about the brand you are considering here. You don’t have to find the specific model number. Watching videos of other 3 axis joysticks in the same series will give you some idea on the performance of the device. Pay close attention to the negative reviews. These will help you determine if the weaknesses are passable.


Compare before ordering

Now that you have found all the information you can get on the device, you can go back to the online store. However, before you place an order, always take time to review other products that are similar to the one you are considering. Doing so will keep you from spending your money on the second-best products.


These guidelines will definitely help you get off on the right foot when shopping for 3 axis joysticks. Only choose the device you feel will make your work easier.


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Core Attributes of 3 Axis Joysticks

3 axis joysticks – Core Attributes of 3 Axis Joysticks

3 axis joysticks are being manufactured by many manufacturers today. As a result, they come with varying features and functions. If you are thinking about buying your very first joystick or need one to replace your old device, there are a number of things you have to pay attention to. This post focuses on the key attributes of the ideal joysticks. Always focus on these features before making a decision.



It is obvious that the part you will be interacting with the most is the handle. As a result, you should ensure that you pick a handle that is comfortable. You will have to pick between a ball top and a bat top. The choice will depend on which one feels more natural to you. Most people go for the ball top. Your preferences are what will help you pick the right handle. It never hurts to try out both handle options before making a choice.



This is all about the quickness of movement and the ability to hold the joystick. The tension is determined by the spring that has been installed in the 3 axis joysticks. The ideal spring should exert enough force to prevent accidental inputs but it should also be soft enough not to impede movement. Again, your choice will be influenced by personal preferences. You will also need to consider what you will be using the device for.



Deflection is simply the distance that the joystick can move from the neutral position to the furthermost position. If the deflection is too small, finding the neutral can be difficult and this can cause accuracy issues. Again, the deflection will be influenced by the spring. Always try different joysticks with varying deflections before making a choice.


Engage distance

This is the distance from the neutral to when an input is registered when moving the joystick. The engage distance is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing 3 axis joysticks. When the engage distance is too small, any movement of the joystick will be registered as an input. This can make gaming difficult. All in all, you should note that different players will prefer different engage distances. The ideal engage distance will mostly be influenced by the game you are playing.


Engage precision

This will be determined by how accurately the joystick rests between opposing directions when in the neutral position. If the joystick does not sit accurately, chances are you will be dealing with inaccuracies when moving it. Inaccuracies will be worse if the device has a harder spring and a small dead-zone.


The list is incomplete. However, it covers the most important attributes. Other important features you need to consider when shopping for 3 axis joysticks include the pivot smoothness, bulkiness, mounting height, restrictor gates and durability. It is always a wise thing to only focus on the brands that have amassed a great reputation over the years. The newer manufacturers might entice you with low prices but the performance of their devices might infuriate you.


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