Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Minimum Order: No order minimum required.

Orders: Standard payment terms are N 30.

Shipping Point: All shipments will be made freight collect.

Liability: Purchaser is liable for reasonable collection cost, including attorney’s fees, in the event payment must be enforced by suit or by 3 party collection.Ruffy Controls reserves the right to terminate or suspend deliveries if purchaser fails to pay for any one shipment, should purchaser’s financial responsibility be deemed unsatisfactory by Ruffy Controls.

Returns: Returns, regardless of circumstance, must be pre-approved by Ruffy Controls prior to shipment being returned.

Claims: Claims for damages or loss in shipments should be made directly to the freight carrier. Claims for shortages should be made to Ruffy Controls in writing as soon as possible and no later than 45 days from invoice date

Warranty: Ruffy Controls warrants its product to be from free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service and to be in accordance with Ruffy Controls specifications for a period of 18 months from invoice date. Within this warranty period, the purchaser must give Ruffy Controls written notice of any defect claim and promptly return the product pre-paid after receiving authorization from Ruffy Controls for the return. This warranty does not include, nor does Ruffy Controls assume, responsibility for defect or damage caused by misuse, abuse, service or repair by others, or normal wear and tear.

Part Number: Purchaser`s part number is specified as reference only.

Products: Ruffy Controls reserves the right to change any and all materials, parts and/or specifications without prior notification to purchaser.