3 axis joysticks – Basic Parts of 3 Axis Joysticks that You Have to Consider

3 axis joysticks – Basic Parts of 3 Axis Joysticks that You Have to Consider

3 axis joysticks continue to gain more popularity across the globe because of their accuracy and reliability. However, when it comes to the purchase of these devices, most people only pay attention to the outside look. There is more to shopping for a joystick than the aesthetic appeal. You want a device that will make your work easier by responding to your inputs accurately. In order to do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic parts that make up a joystick.



This is a no brainer. Unless you are spending money on wireless 3 axis joysticks, you will have to consider the wires. With most PC joysticks, you will have a single wire that runs from the joystick to a USB. This is the wire you use to connect the device to your computer. You need to make sure that the wire is long enough to make you comfortable when playing. The last thing you want is a joystick that has a small wire. This will restrict you to a small area. You will not have as much freedom as you would want.



This is the directional control stick which is suspended on a pivot. When evaluating the joystick, you have to consider how easy it is for you to use it. Start by making sure that the joystick is responsive. You should not struggle when trying to use the device. You must also make sure that the device does not have any problem when moving it. A stuck joystick means wrong input. The ideal joystick is one that is able to jump back to its neutral position without any problem when you release it. Second, you have to consider the handle. The joystick is the part of the 3 axis joysticks that you will use the most. Make sure that it has a comfortable handle.



The number of things you can do with the joystick will depend on the buttons on it. For the gaming joysticks, for example, you have buttons that can be used in place of the joystick. Additionally, there are buttons for performing other functions which if they were not present, you would have to press the keys on your computer keyboard. When considering the joysticks to bring home, pay close attention to the functions of the available buttons. They should help you achieve what you want to do.



The base of the joystick should be strong enough to give the device the support it needs to be used without any struggle. Make sure that the joystick has a strong base. For handheld joysticks, ensure that the base has a great design that makes it easy for you to hold it in your hands and use it without any problem.


The above are just the main parts you need to look at when shopping for 3 axis joysticks. Needless to say, the best joystick is the one that helps you accomplish your goals. You have to be clear on what you want to use the joystick for before you go shopping.


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