Why Should You Choose Fingertip Joysticks?

Compared to keyboards and other control devices, fingertip joysticks offer more benefits. As a result, these joysticks continue to gain more popularity across the globe. They are popular in gaming but also in industrial use. But why exactly should you go for these joysticks? Let’s take a look.

Classic feel

The main advantage of using the fingertip joysticks is comfort. Unlike a keyboard where you have to press several buttons to achieve the movement you need,  all you need is to move the stick to your desired direction with a joystick. Whether you are playing arcade games or operating equipment, there is nothing more intuitive than this. You can choose between a 2 or multi-axis joystick depending on your needs.

Many sizes

The best thing about present-day joysticks is they are available in a wide range of sizes. They range from the tiny ones with 2 buttons to advanced ones with numerous buttons. The best thing is regardless of how many buttons a joystick has, you will still be able to hold it in your hands. Moreover, unlike control pads which can be controlled with the thumb only, the joysticks can be operated using multiple fingers at once. You have more control options when controlling CCTV cameras, playing games or doing anything that requires a joystick. If you need more accuracy and more options, the hall effect joystick will be a perfect choice.

Advanced uses

The entry of numerous manufacturers in the realm of joysticks has increased competition. Manufacturers distinguish their products by adding unique features that meet clients’ needs. Consequently, modern joysticks come with advanced features. In addition to finding a joystick for gaming, you will also find one for virtually any industrial use. These joysticks come with advanced features that allow more control, whether operating equipment or gaming.


As aforementioned, there is nothing more intuitive than operating equipment or gaming using a fingertip joystick. Joysticks, more so the 2 axis options, are built with the user in mind. They offer intuitive control since all you need is to move the stick to where you want a video game character or equipment to go. Directional controls on a pad require multiple keys to move characters or equipment in the desired direction. Therefore, using a control pad will not feel as natural as using a joystick.

There are many more reasons you should consider getting a fingertip-controlled joystick. But, first, you need to find the product with the features you need and one from a reputable manufacturer. Second, you have to identify your needs. Finding the right joystick will be pretty hard if you have no idea what you need the joystick for.

Fingertip Joysticks