Why Choose Hall Effect Controllers?

A Hall Effect joystick offering is quite large and diversified. As a result, finding the most relevant technology for your needs can be hard. However, if you are not sure which option to go with, a most promising route is the hall effect controllers way. These controllers use non-contact devices to measure magnetic fields. While they work in the same way as other joysticks, the most unique feature of these devices is they eliminate degradation because the elements don’t have a physical wiper arm. Here are the key reasons why you should choose hall effect industrial controllers.

Longer life expectancy

When buying a controller for your business, you want one that will not break down prematurely. You want a controller that will keep serving you reliably for years. That is what you get with the hall effect controllers. The contactless technology eliminates the risk of component wear. As a result, controllers that use this technology generally have a long life expectancy of millions of cycles.

Excellent quality to price ratio

Hall effect industrial controllers have fewer components and a simple assembly. They require few mounting stages which in turn reduces labor. Consequently, these controllers have a favorable quality to price ratio more so when it comes to large volume industrial projects. The quality to price ratio can be better than that of contactless technologies such as potentiometric joysticks.

Adapted ergonomic design

The best thing about hall effect industrial controllers is their resistance to strong vibration. This makes them a great choice for use in areas with high vibrations or shock. They work great on mining trucks, excavators, backhoe loaders, diggers and cranes. Their high resistance to vibrations can be attributed to having fewer components as well as contactless technology.

Ideal for embedded industrial applications

The top benefit of having a few components is that hall effect joysticks are both lightweight and have low behind-panel depth. This makes it easy to install them on remote controls and vehicles. Their compact size helps reduce space. They can be installed in a variety of harsh environments thanks to their high resistance to shock, vibrations and falls.

Increased safety

The hall effect industrial joysticks last long and offer great accuracy even in areas with a lot of vibrations. They are also equipped with redundant output signals to detect operation error and thus increase safety. If an operation error is detected, the system will set the joystick in ‘off-mode automatically. It is also good to note that these controllers may have a remarkable electromagnetic immunity.

While the market is filled with all manner of controllers, the features of the hall effect industrial controller make it a great choice.

Hall Effect Controllers