Which are the Main Options in Hall Effect Joysticks?

Buying hall effect joysticks is a great investment. This is because these joysticks use a contactless sensor that is not only durable but offers great reliability even in extreme environments. However, with there being so many joysticks that use the hall effect technology, it is easy to end up being confused when shopping. To make it easy for you to select the joystick that is perfect, here are some of the main options you will find when considering a hall effect joystick.

Ruggedized joysticks

If what you need are sturdy hall effect joysticks, then you will need industrial joysticks. These are built for tough applications. They can withstand extreme environments and come with a long lifecycle. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to industrial joysticks. Make sure you select a joystick that matches your needs. If you need a joystick for outdoor use, for example, focus on devices that are both dust and waterproof. The joystick should also be compatible with your system.

Mini joysticks

The second option you have is that of mini joysticks. These are small size joysticks designed to be controlled using a finger. The handle is not big enough to be gripped in the hand. You can only use the thumb or fingers to move the handle.

Under this category you get the thumb desktop controllers. These are low-profile joysticks designed to offer precise control. They also offer a range of actuator and mounting options for easy integration. They are used for cursor control, robotics, target acquisition, control of security cameras and in automated surgical equipment.

The finger joysticks also fall in this category. These are used for offering movement and speed in low-profile units like medical instruments, wheelchairs, and robotic applications.

Handgrip joysticks

These are the most common types of joysticks in heavy-duty applications. They have a handle that is large enough to be gripped in the hand. These hall effect joysticks are used on forklift vehicles, mobile cranes, robotic machines, construction machinery and agricultural equipment.

The hall effect technology is preferred for its sophisticated wear-free design. Joysticks that use these sensors are quite versatile in various applications. However, you should not pick just any joystick. Even when the technology is right, joysticks are not designed to be all purpose. It is up to you to review the features that a joystick has and determine if they will be practical for you. It is paramount that the joystick you select be compatible with your system.

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