What You Need to Know About Micro 2 Axis Joysticks

As you may already have guessed, the micro joysticks are tiny, proportional joysticks. They are designed for use where there is no room for larger joysticks or for use by people with poor muscular power and/or limited movements. The best thing about these joysticks is they do everything a normal-sized joystick does. They have the same features you are used to having on other joysticks. If accuracy is a priority, you can go with the micro 2 axis joysticks. These are more accurate and offer more motion options.

The primary feature of a micro joystick is that it can be connected to virtually anything that works with a joystick. If you wish to use it on a wheelchair, you can connect it to the wheelchair electronics. The micro 2 axis joysticks can also be connected with any system that requires a joystick to work. The best thing about this joystick is it can be controlled with limited movements. For example, persons with poor muscle strength can control it with their chin, finger, lip or tongue. That is why it is an excellent addition to wheelchair electronics. In the workplace, you can control the joystick with just one finger.

Key features.

  • Small and proportional. While it is tiny, it does everything a standard-sized joystick does.
  • Very sensitive. This joystick is very small. As a result, it is very sensitive. It requires very low operating force and small movements.
  • Fully adjustable. The sensitivity of the joystick can be adjusted to achieve maximum comfort and accuracy.
  • Compatible with multiple systems. Micro joysticks can be used with both wheelchair electronics and other systems.
  • LED indicators. Most micro joysticks come with an LED light that will flash whenever there is an error. There is also a light to help you know when the joystick is active.

Choosing the right micro joystick

When shopping for these joysticks, the first thing you must do is consider the manufacturer’s reputation. You need to buy from a manufacturer that has been in business for years and one with an excellent track record. In addition to that, you must ensure the manufacturer has a joystick with the features you need. The joystick must also be compatible with your system.

Another critical thing to consider is the core control features. Do you need a joystick that only offers tilt and pan motions or one that can zoom and move equipment in multiple directions? Additionally, if you plan on using the joystick for mobile applications, ensure it has radio frequency immunity.

Micro 2 Axis Joysticks