What to Consider in Desktop Controllers

Desktop controllers are not your average gaming accessory. They are specialist devices with their own terminology and capabilities. For example, you should decide right away whether you only require a stick or a separate throttle control. HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) systems attempt to replicate aircraft and, more dramatically, spaceships as closely as possible. Having your hands on the throttle and the stick can certainly feel authentic and improve your immersion while at work.

There are so many brands of desktop controllers in the market. Manufacturers tend to distinguish their products with varying designs and features. An important point to remember is that not all controllers will suit your needs. That is why it is imperative that you shop with your needs in mind. In this post, we will be looking at the most important considerations you should make when buy a joystick. 

Size of the handle

The handle is the part of the joystick you will be interacting with the most. Therefore, you must ensure that it is comfortable. The handle has to be the right size and shouldn’t be too stiff or too light. Your operators will be using the lever for hours. Make sure the lever is comfortable and will not start slipping when the operator’s hands start sweating.

Number and layout of buttons

The number and layout of buttons are also important. A joystick having more controls mean more functionality and less reasons to use the keyboard when working. However, 30 buttons with three customizable modes each can result in 100 or more possible commands, which may be more than you have patience for. Don’t choose a joystick because it has too many buttons. You may never need those buttons. If it sounds scary, a simple keyboard with a dozen buttons and switches would suffice.


There are a number of subtle features that distinguish joysticks once you get past the basics. Stick tension is crucial when working. Some joysticks are a little too firm, but that’s definitely better than a joystick that’s too loose, which feels cheap and unauthentic.

Some joysticks rotate from side to side, allowing you to work intuitively. This is known as "z-axis rotation." You, however, need to decide if you really need this feature.

There are many more considerations you have to make when deciding on the desktop joysticks to buy. It is, however, important that you put your needs first. Second, you need to find the most reputable manufacturer. The last thing you want is to spend money on a joystick that starts malfunctioning after only a few weeks.

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