What Causes Micro 2 Axis Joysticks to Break Down?

When it comes to micro 2 axis joysticks, you get what you pay for. If you go for the cheapest joystick, you can be certain that the performance will not be that good or it will be short-lived. Therefore, before you start thinking about what might have damaged your joystick, you should take a look at the listed use cycle of your device. If you are barely close to the end of the listed use cycle, there is a chance your micro joystick was damaged by one of the following things.

Dirt buildup

The number one cause of damage to micro 2 axis joysticks is dirt build up. Dirt does not just refer to dust. It also refers to sweat from sweaty palms, spilled beverages and other residual materials. Dirt gets trapped in the crevices between the joysticks. Dirt buildup will eventually cause performance issues such as buttons getting stuck. If you suspect the joystick lever is getting stuck due to dirt buildup, you should consider using canned air to blast out the stuck dirt. You may also want to consider wiping your joystick using an antiseptic wipe. When push comes to shove, you may have to take the joystick apart to clean every area including the internal components. For this you might need the help of an expert.

Rough handling

Micro joysticks have very brittle components. As a result, being too rough when using them can cause both the external and internal components to get damaged. If you notice that you are having to put in more pressure when using the joystick, chances are its components are dirty. Get them cleaned and refrain from being too hard on the lever and buttons. However, if cleaning doesn’t help, there is a good chance the analog stick is bent or broken. This can be caused by putting too much pressure on the lever or exposing the joystick to severe impacts such as dropping them. In the case of damaged internal components, you will have to contact a technician to have the components replaced or you will have to buy a new desktop controller. 

Wrong environment

Last but not least, your micro 2 axis joystick might be broken because you are using it in the wrong environment. Not every joystick out there is meant for industrial use. As a result, a gaming joystick may be damaged easily by vibrations, magnetic fields or water when used in an outdoor setting. If you will be using the joystick in a harsh environment, find a ruggedized joystick that is designed for that environment. There are many industrial joysticks that are water and dust proof. These are ideal for use in harsh environments. 

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