What are the Applications of Ruggedized Joysticks?

Ruggedized joysticks are commonly used in the cockpits of commercial and military aircrafts, electric wheelchairs, video game controllers, and in heavy equipment like trucks, and cranes. These joysticks differ from your standard gaming joystick in many ways. In this post, we will be looking at the main uses of industrial joysticks.


The heavy duty joysticks and controllers are mainly used in construction vehicles and such equipment as road rollers, bulldozers, backhoes, loaders and compactors. These ruggedized joysticks are used to mobilize construction vehicles or to offer ancillary handling functions like loader and backhoe systems on construction tractors.

Mining and excavation

Another area where industrial joysticks are used is in the mining and excavation sector. In excavation and mining operations, the joysticks are used to control heavy-duty drills, excavators and conveyors. These joysticks have to be accurate because they are used to control sensitive equipment in hazardous conditions. The joysticks used in mining and excavation have to be built to hold up against heavy vibrations and to achieve a long lifecycle. These joysticks must also be dust and water resistant.

Medical equipment

Did you know that joysticks are used in hospitals? The joysticks and desktop controllers used in hospitals are used to in such functions as moving operating tables up and down. This is important when doctors need to move the tables with precision. They are also used in critical applications such as controlling surgical robots.


Manufacturers rely heavily on industrial joysticks in their work. There are different types of equipment used in the manufacturing industry. Joysticks are used on different types of equipment. Each joystick has to be designed for a unique application. That is why you must understand what you need a joystick for before buying one.

Practical effects

These are visual effects that are used in making movies by using 3D figures or models. Joysticks are used to control larger models or vehicles. The joysticks used here have to be dependable and multi-axis. To be able to offer reliable performance throughout production, durable joysticks are needed. That is why industrial joysticks are the go-to options.

The above are not the only applications for a ruggedized joystick. The joysticks can also be used for niche applications. For example, a joystick can be designed for a water cannon in a waterpark. The key is to always know what you need the joystick for. With that information in mind, you will be able to scour the market until you find the device that best meets you needs. Pay special attention to the use cycle and sensors.

Ruggedized Joysticks