Understanding the Various Types of Hall Effect Joysticks

As you may already know, the hall effect joysticks are used in industrial applications in the same way as potentiometer joysticks. These joysticks are, however, superior because of the much more reliable hall effect sensor that does well even in environments with excessive vibrations and shock. They are thus widely used on mining trucks, cranes, backhoe loaders, diggers and excavators. Before you can proceed with the purchase of a hall effect joystick, it is good to understand the various options that are available.

Industrial joysticks

As aforementioned, hall effect joysticks are mainly used in industrial applications. Industrial joysticks have many uses. They are used to control, position and steer a variety of heavy-duty machines, equipment and systems like oil rigs, agricultural machinery, excavators and military equipment.

There are various types of joysticks under the industrial category. They range from small precision joysticks such as finger and thumb joysticks to customizable hand grips. The joysticks have various actuator options, controller specifications and mounting styles. They also vary in the number of axes they have. Some come with spring return, friction hold and other features.

The best thing about industrial joysticks is they are designed to withstand harsh environments. They are extremely robust.

Thumb joysticks

This is yet another popular type of hall effect joystick that is available on the market. The thumb controller is a low-profile based joystick that offers precise control with a range of mounting and actuator options for easy integration. Just as its name implies, the controller is operated using the thumb. It is perfect for a range of applications including security cameras, target acquisition, cursor control, automated surgical equipment and robotics.

Finger joysticks

These types of joysticks are used to control movement and speed in low-profile units. They are common on medical instruments, wheelchairs, robotic operations and other applications that require precision and a compact size.

Handgrip joysticks

These are common in heavy-duty applications like forklift vehicles, mobile cranes, robotic machines, construction machines as well as agricultural equipment. These joysticks are very versatile thanks to their wear-free hall effect sensors and unique control mechanism. The hand grip joysticks also come with redundant sensors which offer added safety thus making them perfect for areas with high vibrations or power surges.

Whether you need a small joystick for robotics or a handgrip joystick for heavy machinery, the hall effect joysticks are the best. The sensor is reliable and lasts longer. However, you have to make sure you are buying a reputable brand.

Hall Effect Joysticks