Types of Ruggedized Joysticks

Manufacturers of ruggedized joysticks have achieved unprecedented levels of safety and accuracy in industrial operations. Today, joysticks offer a modern alternative when conventional hydraulic power steering is insufficient. With the market being filled with various types of joysticks, choosing the one that best meets your needs can be challenging. All in all, whether you need a mini fingertip joystick or a handgrip joystick, you will find exactly what you need. Here are the most common types of industrial joysticks.

Single axis joysticks

The type of ruggedized joysticks you need will depend on what you need a joystick for. If you only need joysticks that can pan, zoom or move along one axis, you will need the single-axis joysticks. There are several options available here. They include the following:

  • Thumb joysticks
  • Fingertip joysticks
  • Handgrip joysticks

Multi-axis joysticks

At times what you need is more flexibility when working. This is more so when controlling advanced machinery. You will need a multi-axis joystick when you don’t want to be limited to a single axis. Multi-axis joysticks are designed to move along two or more axes. Just like with the single-axis controllers, there are several options available.  

  • Dual-axis joysticks. These joysticks allow you to move along the X and Y-axis.
  • Triple axis joysticks. With this controller, you can move the joystick in up to three axes.
  • Quad-axis joysticks have four-axis
  • Six axes joysticks

As you can see, you will be able to find a ruggedized joystick that does precisely what you need. You also have the option of multi-function joysticks which have buttons for added functionality. Finally, there is also the option of the switch-only joystick.

How to Choose the Right Joystick

With the market having all manner of joysticks, it is your job to narrow down to the one that best meets your needs. The first thing you must do when shopping is to identify your needs. If you need an industrial joystick for camera movement, a single or two-axis joystick will be sufficient. However, if you use a more complicated CCTV system, you might need a multi-axis joystick with added features. Make sure you also understand the system requirements of your unit before buying a new joystick.

Second, it is always wise to stick with products from reputable manufacturers and distributors. The last thing you want is to find the perfect joystick only for it to breakdown within days. Take a look at the use cycle of your preferred joystick and pay attention to user reviews. The right joystick should also have great technical support.

Ruggedized Joysticks