Tips for Choosing the Right Fingertip Joysticks

Joysticks are the user interface of choice for many high-performance control systems. They are intuitive and make completing tasks a bliss. However, not all fingertip joysticks are built the same. Some are better than others in many aspects. For example, some joysticks are built to outlast others while some are designed for accuracy regardless of the environment they are used in. If you are in the market for the best joystick, here are the top things you have to look for.

Core control features

Joysticks control movement in three ways; forward, back, side to side and in and out. Fingertip joysticks are designed to offer the widest range of controls and in the most comfortable and natural manner. These joysticks also require minimal effort. As a result, you will be able to focus on the work at hand without paying too much attention to the tool you are using to complete tasks.

Joysticks don’t all offer the same level of comfort and reliability when working. That is why whenever possible, you need to test out your target joystick before buying. Take note of how the handle feels in your hands and test if it is responsive. The ideal joystick must also have all the features you need to complete your tasks without relying on other input devices.

Interface circuity

The internal circuitry of a joystick is what translates the motion of a user into an electrical signal that is interpreted by device control software. In the past, motions were sensed by potentiometers. These are variable resistors in which a sliding wiper blade moved across a fixed contact, mirroring the changes in the position of a joystick. The direct contact meant the sensors wore out faster. If you need a joystick that will last, you should consider going with one that uses a hall effect sensor. The hall effect joysticks are contactless. This technology eliminates friction and wear and thus leads to the joystick performing up to 5 million cycles without any problem.


If the handle of a fingertip joystick breaks, the whole device will be broken. That is why you need a device built using durable components. The design of the joystick also determines how long it will last. As aforementioned, contactless joysticks are more durable. Having a hall effect sensor is, however, not the only thing you should look for. Consider the internal components. Products with internal components that are made of metal tend to last longer than those whose components are made of plastic.

The above are the main considerations you should make when buying a fingertip joystick. Make sure you purchase your product from a reputable manufacturer and through a reputable distributor.

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