Tips for Choosing Mini 2 Axis Joysticks

The joystick serves as the primary interface between you (the user) and the system. As a result, this device has the power to either make or break your system. Unfortunately, while joysticks have quickly become the user interface of choice for many industrial and high-performance control systems, not every joystick you find on the market will give you the control you deserve. This is for the simple fact that not all joysticks are built the same. Consequently, as you shop around for the best mini 2 axis joysticks, you need to know what to look for.

Handle size

The first thing you must consider in mini 2 axis joysticks is the handle. Selecting the right handle is not just about how the unit looks but how it will be used. While a mini joystick will definitely have a smaller handle, you need to make sure that you can easily grip the joystick with your fingertips and thumb. That way you will have the best control since you will not be struggling to keep your hands on the joystick. A big enough handle further limits the amount of force you have to use when operating the joystick. Keep in mind that a larger handle can be gripped with the whole hand, and thus moving the joystick will be easier.

Core features

being a 2 axis joystick certainly guarantees better accuracy. However, this is not the only thing you should look for in a joystick. Take a look at the buttons on the joystick. More buttons certainly mean more functionality. Make sure the function of the available buttons will be relevant to what you plan on using the joystick for. The rule of thumb is not just to focus on the pan and tilt motions. If a joystick offers more functions that are compatible with your system, go for it. It is better to have a joystick with functions you rarely use than be forced to buy another joystick because the functions of the current one are insufficient.


You don’t want to keep replacing your joystick every few weeks, do you? That is why you need to focus on the more durable options. When a joystick is broken, it will be inaccurate. That will lead to performance issues and you will have to get it replaced. The contactless joysticks are considered to be more durable. Buy a joystick that has high quality internal components. A joystick with metallic internal components will last longer than one with all plastic components. If you plan on using the joystick in a factory environment, ensure it is protected against oil, dust, and liquids.

Fault tolerance

Last but not least, if you are operating sensitive equipment, go with a joystick with fault protection. These joysticks can send special signals to the device to return to center or another appropriate action. Again, radiofrequency immunity is crucial for mobile applications.

Mini 2 Axis Joysticks