Tips for Buying Single Axis Joysticks

Single axis joysticks are used in many industrial applications, including winches, cranes, marine equipment, forestry machines, agricultural machines, material handling vehicles, medical apparatus, factory production lines, and robotics. If a joystick has only forward and backward movement, it is known as a 1-axis joystick, one-way joystick, 1-dimensional joystick, or a single axis joystick. These joysticks are available in many configurations and shapes. It is up to you to find the joystick that matches your needs. Here are some important considerations to make when shopping for joysticks.

Find a reputable manufacturer

The key step to finding the best single axis joysticks is finding a reputable manufacturer. There are so many manufacturers in the market. You need to keep in mind that manufacturers have their unique way of building joysticks. Consequently, joysticks are not all the same. Some are better and last longer than others.

In your search for a 1-axis joystick, your top priority must be finding the manufacturer known for manufacturing the best joysticks. Focus on the number of years they have been in business and what users say about their products. Next, buy a joystick from a brand that is known for durability and cross-platform compatibility. The brand should also be known for creating joysticks that are free of errors and malfunctions. Finally, if possible, find a manufacturer known for building joysticks for your industry.

Ensure the handle is comfortable

You will be having your hands on the joystick handle for extended periods. To ensure you are comfortable, make sure the joystick you purchase has a big enough handle for your hands and one that is comfortable. Don’t go with the ball-top handle because everyone says it’s the best. However, at times the bat-top handle might be what you need. Test all the available handle options before making your choice.

Test the tension

Having a comfortable handle is not enough. You need to test how the handle moves. Movement should not be too light or too stiff. If you need a lot of force to move the handle, chances are you will get fatigued faster. Choose a joystick that has the right amount of tension. It should be stiff enough to avoid accidental movements and light enough to make your work easy.

Pick the right size

Last but not least, you need to pick the joystick size with care. Start by checking where you will be installing the joystick. How much is the available space? If you plan on moving around with the joystick in your hands, you need one that is light enough not to strain your hands.

You will be spoilt for choice when shopping for a 1-dimensional joystick. The key is to keep your needs first. You also need to look at all the available models to ensure you don’t end up with the second-best.

Single Axis Joysticks