Terms to Remember When Buying Mini Fingertip Hall Effect Joysticks

Are you in the market for mini fingertip hall effect joysticks? If yes, you need to understand a couple of things before making your choice. For one, you need to realize that there are many manufacturers of joysticks, and joysticks are not all built the same. Second, you need to understand key terms used in the realm of joysticks. On this page, our focus will be on these terms.


While the term is self-explanatory, you need to understand a couple of things about the handles of mini fingertip hall effect joysticks. For starters, since operating a joystick requires having your fingers on the handle, you need to make sure the handle is big enough for your hand. If it is too small, you will find yourself struggling to use the joystick for extended periods.

The majority of joystick handles have a bat or ball top. Some people claim a ball top works better. However, you have to remember that it is all a matter of personal preferences. Before making your choice, test both options to know which one works best for you.


Tension refers to how hard it is to move the joystick handle. Tension is determined by the spring installed in a joystick. Some manufacturers use lighter springs than others. Take note that tension is what determines how fast you can move and hold the joystick. It also determines how accurate a joystick is.

Select a joystick whose spring doesn’t exert too much force on the shaft for easy use. That way, you will not get tired of operating the mini joystick. The spring must also not be too light because reduced tension will lead to errors since the joystick will register the slightest force even when it is unintended. The right joystick will have a strong spring to prevent accidental movements and, at the same time, have a spring that is light enough to make using the joystick easy.


This is the distance a joystick moves from a neutral position. The deflection is also determined by the installed spring. How you plan to use the joystick will determine the ideal deflection.

Dead zone/ Engage distance

How far do you have to move the handle for movement to be registered? If a joystick has a large dead zone, you will have to move the joystick for quite a distance for an input to be registered. Therefore, the ideal joystick to have is one with a smaller dead zone. However, you need to note that the perfect dead zone will depend on what you plan on using the joystick for.


Also referred to as the engage precision, this refers to how accurate the joystick is when moving it along the axis. If the joystick is faulty, the resting position will be off. The distribution of the spring and the straightness of the joystick shaft is what determines the engage precision.

Mini Fingertip Hall Effect Joysticks