Remote Control Joysticks – What You Must Consider in a Joystick Before Buying

Remote control joysticks are specialized input devices that are optimized for an intuitive experience. The market is filled with all manner of joysticks. While this should make it easy for shoppers to find the device that is perfect for them, the large pool only causes confusion. The good thing is there are a couple of considerations you can make to ensure you end up with the best joystick. Here are the key considerations you must make when shopping for a joystick.

Number of Axis

Joysticks are designed for different uses. This is why they come in varying numbers of axes. They range from single-axis joysticks to the more complex 6 axis handgrip joysticks. As you may already know, an axis is a line that is drawn through the center of a joystick that defines directions that a user can move by manipulating the controls. Controllers have an X-axis (allows for side-to-side movement) and Y-axis (front-to-back movement). To offer more flexibility, some joysticks add the Z-axis (moves up and down) as well as a throttle axis. Depending on the desktop controller, the third and fourth axes may be referred to as rudder or yoke control. They can also be referred to as twist control.

The number of axes you need in remote control joysticks will depend on what you need the joystick for. For example, if what you need is to pan a security camera, a single-axis joystick will be enough. However, if you need a fingertip hall effect joystick for use on a wheelchair, you will at least need a joystick that has two axes.

Type of Sensor

Motion along the axis is tracked by a sensor. The two most popular sensors in modern joysticks are potentiometers and hall effect sensors. Both serve the same purpose but have varying working mechanisms. The potentiometer has been around for much longer. The drawback is it does not last as long as a hall effect sensor which uses a contactless mechanism. The hall effect joysticks are also considered to be better for environments with high vibrations and magnetic interference.


Last but not least, you have to consider the compatibility of your selected joystick with your system. You may buy the most advanced remote control joystick but if it is not compatible with your system, you will end up noticing performance issues. Always make sure you choose a joystick that will work smoothly with your system.

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