Questions to Help Pick the Best Ruggedized Joysticks

If you are in the market for ruggedized joysticks, you will have to make a couple of considerations. First, you cannot select a joystick simply because it is advertised as an industrial joystick. Not every joystick available on the market will be the correct device for your application. Before you make your final decision, you should consider answering a couple of questions.

What application will you be using the joystick for?

This is the most important question you should answer when shopping for ruggedized joysticks. Do you need a joystick that pans or tilts camera systems? If yes, you can get away with a single-axis joystick. However, if you need a joystick that will serve as an industrial mouse in a manufacturing facility, you will have to focus on multi-axis joysticks.

Where will you be using it?

When you seek help from a professional on which joystick to purchase, they will most likely ask you to describe the environment you will be using the joystick. If the environment is extremely cold, wet and contains harsh chemicals, you will have to find a ruggedized joystick that is designed to hold up against those harsh conditions. If the area experiences a lot of vibrations, make sure the joystick has a feature to prevent errors. For a climate-controlled room, you can get away with most of the joysticks available on the market.

How will the operators use the joystick?

This is yet another question that will help narrow down your search. When in the market for a joystick, you will come across all manner of joysticks. These devices vary significantly in both size and design. If the joystick is used by someone with weak or poor muscle strength, then the micro joystick will be ideal. If the operator uses the joystick as a mouse to point to various objects, then the joystick will be used extensively throughout the day. In this case, your focus must be comfort. The ideal joystick must have a comfortable handle. If the operator is using the joystick to control a robotic vehicle on harsh terrain, you need a joystick that is designed to hold up against the vibrations. For remote use, make sure the joystick has the mechanism to protect itself from interference from radio frequencies.

Which system are you using?

Last but not least, you must consider the system you plan on using the joystick on. You must ensure that the joystick will be compatible with your operating system. The right ruggedized joystick must also offer the functions you need.

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