Motion Types of Ruggedized Joysticks

Industrial joysticks are ruggedized joysticks. They are joysticks that have been designed and improved to be hard-wearing as well as shock-resistant. They are used widely to steer, control and position a variety of heavy-duty equipment, systems and machines such as oil rigs, agricultural machinery, excavators, large vehicles, forklifts, cranes and military equipment among others.

While they may all fall under industrial joysticks, when shopping for ruggedized joysticks, it is important to note that there are many types and they feature varying handling options, controller specifications and mounting styles. With your workstation requiring more precise and reliable control to guarantee efficiency, choosing the right joystick is vital. To help you make the best choice, you need to start by understanding the various types of motion that are available in industrial joysticks.

Finger controllers

These are finger-controlled joysticks that are used to offer control of movement and speed in low-profile units like medical instruments, wheelchairs, and robotic operations. They are compact and offer great precision. With industries automating their processes and the need for precision constantly rising, the use of ergonomically designed and rugged finger-controlled joysticks is bound to rise.

Handgrip controllers

These are common in heavy-duty applications like forklift vehicles, mobile cranes, robotic machines, construction machinery and agricultural machines. They are preferred for their wear-free hall effect sensors and sophisticated control mechanisms. These joysticks are quite versatile in multiple applications. Their sturdy design offers convenience in operation and is very reliable. These joysticks are a popular choice for numerous industrial applications.

Thumb controllers

These are low-profile joysticks that offer precise control. They are available in numerous handling and mounting options which makes integration easy. They are used in measurement systems, machine control, CCTV, PTZ camera control, conveyor systems and other environments where precision is paramount. There are many options to pick from when it comes to thumb controllers.

Switch Only Controllers

These are activated manually and are installed in control or front panels. They can also be installed in portable control equipment. They are perfect for raising, lowering as well as triggering movement. You will find them mostly being used in steel and construction industries, machine tools, transport systems, conveyor systems, warehousing, studio technology, and mechanical engineering sectors.

The best thing about a ruggedized joystick is that you can count on reliable performance for years to come. These joysticks are designed for repeated use. They can be used 24/7 without worrying about them breaking down. However, to get the best-rugged joystick, you have to be careful where you buy them from. All joysticks are not built the same and some manufacturers create better products than others.

Ruggedized Joysticks