Motion Types of Industrial Hall Effect Joysticks

Hall effect joysticks continue to gain more and more popularity in industrial applications. This is mostly because they are more reliable in that they last longer and have fewer issues than their potentiometer counterparts. As a result of their popularity, there are many motion types available. In this post, we will be looking at the main types available so that you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

Finger controller

Are you after hall effect joysticks that are more compact and precise? Your answer could be in the fingertip-controlled joysticks. These are widely used to control speed and movement in low-profile units like medical instruments, wheelchairs, robotic operations and a range of other applications where precision and compact size are required. Thanks to how reliable they have been, the demand for ruggedized finger controller is set to rise.

Hand Grip Controllers

When thinking about joysticks, the handgrip controllers are probably what come to mind for most people. These joysticks are used widely in heavy-duty applications like forklift vehicles, mobile cranes, robotic machines, farm machines and construction machinery. Thanks to the wear-free hall effect sensors, handgrip joysticks are quite versatile in various applications. They have a sturdy design and can be designed to hold up in harsh environmental conditions such as areas with dust or high levels of moisture.

Thumb controllers

These are more like finger controllers only that they are designed to be controlled with the thumb. They are low-profile-based joysticks that offer precise control with a range of handling and mounting options. They are used in a range of applications including measurement systems, machine control, CCTVs, PTZ camera control, conveyor systems and wheelchair control. They are preferred in areas where precision is needed. The market is filled with many options for thumb controllers.

Switch only controllers

These are manually-activated control devices. They are installed in front or control panels. They can also be used in portable control equipment. They are perfect for raising, lowering as well as triggering movement to the right and left or up and down. The switch-only controllers are common in machine tools, the construction industry, transport systems, studio technology, warehousing, and mechanical engineering sectors. The switching function is integrated to offer precise control. The joysticks simplify command control stations, are easy to be mounted into slots on control panels, have minimal space requirements and provide a long service life.

Choosing a hall effect joystick is never as straightforward. There are so many considerations you have to make as you can see in this post. Knowing precisely what you want is the key to finding the joystick that works for you.

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