Importance of Keeping Your Mini 2 Axis Joysticks Clean

When is the last time you cleaned your mini 2 axis joysticks? Your answer is most likely, ‘I don’t remember’. Most people only clean their joysticks only when they start getting stuck or they are too sticky to ignore. If you are one of those people who do that, it is good to note that you are not the only one but that does not make it right. There are three main reasons why you should keep your joysticks clean. 

Its dirtier than you think

The first reason is the fact that mini 2 axis joysticks are dirtier than you think. It is obvious that dirt buildup on your desktop controllers take time. Now imagine the sweat, dust, food particles and bacteria that you expose your joysticks to every day. According to the American Journal of Infection Control, the Chicago hospital found that their computer controllers contained drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus (a germ that causes staph infections. An Australian study further found that a typical desk has more than 400 times the amount of bacteria than a toilet seat.

The above are the key reasons why you should make the point of getting your joysticks cleaned frequently. Simply wiping the mini joystick with an antiseptic wipe will help prevent the spread of diseases. If the workstation is shared, consider wiping down the joystick with an antiseptic before you start working.

Dirt causes the controller to get stuck

Away from the health concerns, failing to clean your joysticks may cause them to breakdown sooner. A combination of heavy use and dirt build up will cause the joystick to wear out faster. The dirt may also cause the components to get stuck. This is more so when it comes to the lever and buttons.

Preventing dirt build up without a doubt prolong the life of your joysticks. Don’t wait until your mini joystick is too dirty for you to clean it. At times, you may have to take the joystick apart to clean the internal components. This can be done once every couple of months.

Cleaning your joystick doesn’t require a lot of work. In most cases, you will only need to dust it then give it a wipe. A disinfecting wipe is needed at least every morning. Pay attention to the handle and buttons. This is where most of the grime piles up. a cotton swab can be used to clean the harder to reach areas. In some cases, a deep cleaning will fix most joystick problems.

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