How to Select the Right Mini Fingertip Joysticks

Mini fingertip joysticks are used in both industrial applications and gaming. They are preferred for their intuitive nature. All in all, you need to understand that these devices are not all built the same. Different manufacturers build them with their unique preferences, especially when it comes to handling, response, and other features. It is up to you to find the joystick that has the features you need. The joystick you select should match your preferences to make your work easier and more fun. This page looks at the key considerations you should make when shopping for a joystick.

Consider freedom of movement

This is without a doubt the first thing you must look at when buying mini fingertip joysticks. Freedom of movement is determined by both the tension and the deflection of a joystick. Tension refers to the force needed to move the joystick. It is determined by the spring in the joystick. Some joysticks will have stronger springs. Japanese joysticks are known for their lighter and smaller springs. What you plan to use the joystick will determine whether you go for a lighter or stronger spring.

Deflection refers to the distance the joystick needs to travel when released. The ideal deflection will depend on what you plan on using the joystick for. If you will be using the joystick in gaming and the deflection is too much, moving the joystick might register as a jump instead of crouching or walking. For gaming, less deflection is ideal.

Engage distance

This is how far you need to move the joystick from a neutral dead zone to register movement. If the joystick has a large dead zone, you will have to move the joystick further to register input. While it is ideal, a smaller dead zone may cause errors because slight movements will be registered.

Neutral precision

This refers to how evenly the joystick rests between each axis. You will notice erroneous movements if the neutral precision is off, especially on the diagonals.


To use a joystick, you must put your fingertips on the stick. This is why selecting a joystick with a good handle is so important. If the handle is uncomfortable, you will have a harder time operating the joystick. This is more so if you plan on using the joystick for an extended period. If you are left-handed, find a joystick designed for left-handed users.

There are more considerations you have to make when shopping for mini joysticks. However, the aforementioned points will get you started in the right direction. Of course, making sure you understand what you need the joystick for must always be the first thing you do.

Mini Fingertip Joysticks