How to Select the Best Remote Controls for UAVs

Have recently bought a drone? If yes, that is your first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A brand new drone will come with a charger and a remote control. You will most likely need another remote control for better performance or as a replacement. If you are in the market for remote controls for UAVs, this page shares important points on how to end up with the best controller for your UAV.


The first thing you must do before you start shopping for remote controls for UAVs is to set a budget. The price range varies significantly from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the brand you are buying and from who. A simple internet search will give you some idea of how much a good remote control for a drone should cost. Use this information to set a budget based on your financial muscle.

Transmission frequency

Remote controls for drones have a transmitter that uses a certain range of frequencies. The most common frequencies are 27MHz, 72MHz, 900MHz, 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz. The most popular frequency on modern drones is 2.7HGz. The frequency is preferred because it permits frequency hopping (the software constantly searches for the best frequency to use and switches frequency automatically after detecting interference. However, before you buy a remote control for your UAV, you need to know the frequency at which your drone operates. That way you will be able to buy a remote control that is compatible with your drone.


Finding the right radio transmitter is not enough. You need now to focus on the added features. Modern remote controls come with all manner of features such as Exposure functions and curves which enable you to change how the sticks react to your touch. Before you start considering the features, compile a list of all the features you want to have. This will help narrow down to the joystick that gives the best experience.


How well you are able to use the remote controls will depend on how ergonomic it is. Needless to say, ergonomics is very personal. The device that works great for a friend might not work for you. In addition to how easy it is to use the controller, you also need to consider its weight, the position of the switches and sticks as well as how big your hands are.

The above are the primary considerations you must make before buying remote controls for UAVs. Never be in a hurry to buy a controller. Make sure the controller is compatible with your UAV and that it offers all the features you need before you choose it.

Remote Controls for UAVs