How to Pick the Right 2 Axis Joystick

A 2 axis joystick can be used in both industrial and gaming settings. However, you must remember that not all of these gadgets are created equal. They are made by several manufacturers, and each manufacturer has unique preferences when it comes to reaction, handling, and a range of other factors. It is your responsibility to pay attention to your preferences and make sure you get a joystick that not only makes your work easier but also enjoyable. There are several factors you should take into account when looking for a dual-axis joystick.

Freedom of movement

The freedom of movement is the most important factor to consider when shopping for a 2 axis joystick. The tension and deflection will be the main determinants of this. The tension is the force required to move the joystick. The spring located inside the joystick controls this. Some joysticks have more powerful springs which make the tension greater. What you plan to do with the joystick will determine whether you choose a heavy or light spring.


You have to think about deflection. This is the distance the joystick can move after being released. Once more, the deflection required will depend on how you want to use the two-axis joysticks. If the deflection is too great, for instance, it can register as an input to jump rather than just crouch or stroll when playing a video game. When it comes to gaming, less deflection is good. For industrial applications, the right deflection will depend on what you need the joystick for.

Neutral Precision

When purchasing 2-axis joysticks, neutral precision must never be disregarded. This is how the stick rests in each direction equally. Erroneous motions might result from inaccuracies in the neutral position. This is more so when it comes to diagonal movements.

Engage Distance

The engagement distance is yet another crucial factor to take into account. The engage distance refers to the distance a joystick has to be moved from the neutral dead zone for movement to be detected. You will need to move the joystick farther for the input to be recognized if the dead zone is larger. Although ideal, a reduced dead zone could lead to accidental inputs because even the smallest movements will be detected.


The joystick is controlled using the handle. This means a lot of time will be spent moving the handle. With that in mind, you have to find a joystick that has a comfortable handle.

As you can see, when buying a dual-axis joystick, there are a ton of factors that have to be considered. With that in mind, don’t just pay attention to the price of the joystick. Ensure the device can meet your needs.

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