How to Pick the Best Desktop Controllers

Are you in the market for desktop controllers? If you are, you have probably come across all manner of joysticks. The market is flooded with controllers of different sizes and designs. Settling for the one that will be perfect for you can, at times, be challenging. However, the good news is there are a couple of considerations you can make to end up with the best joystick. Here are some crucial things you must do.

Consider the form, fit and function

When shopping for desktop controllers, the key thing that must be in your mind is what the controller should be able to do. What functions must the joystick have? Identifying the functions will help you determine the number of axes, the type of technology the ideal joystick must have, and the signal requirements.

You must also consider the following:

  • The physical parameters that have to be considered
  • Special electrical control requirements
  • The environment in which you will be using the joystick
  • Operator’s preferences and style
  • Safety concerns.
  • Budgetary guidelines

Addressing the above questions will help you identify the type of controller, handle style, and advanced features the controller must-have. However, don’t start your search without first considering what you need the joystick for.

Think about the application

How you plan on using the desktop controller will help make the right decision on the form factor that is ideal for your application. For example, a fingertip joystick would not be the best choice for heavy vibrations or heavy-handed maneuvering environments. For this environment, a hand grip joystick will be more suitable.

Another important consideration you must make is on the duty cycle. You need a joystick that has been rated for enough operations to handle the demands of your job site. For example, any joystick that will be used on off-highway equipment must have a high duty cycle. If the joystick is not able to stand up to rigorous use, it will certainly lead to downtime. Always review the manufacturer’s duty cycle rating and get to know how they arrive at that rating.

Fit the space

Last but not least, you must ensure that the joystick will be able to fit your workspace. There are physical parameters that have to be considered when choosing a desktop controller. Check how long of a handle the workstation can accommodate. You also need to think if the controller will be mounted on a flat panel or directly on a seat. Will it be tilted? Whenever possible, go for desktop controllers with multiple mounting options.

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