How to Make Your Fingertip Joysticks Last Forever

First off, nothing lasts forever. But it is possible to make something last so long that it feels like forever. This is what we are talking about in this post. If you want your fingertip joysticks to last forever, keep reading to learn about the simple things you can do to realize that goal.

Unplug when not in use

This is a no brainer. So long as an electronic device is plugged in, some of its components are still powered. The powered components will continue to experience wear and tear even when you are not using the device. The first step to making your fingertip joysticks last long is thus to disconnect them when you are not using them.

Unplugging your desktop controllers further means nothing will get hooked or tangled in the cords. After unplugging, make sure you fold the cables neatly. You can even build a shelf where you keep your controllers when not in use. Doing so will keep the cables from getting tangled or strained.

Clean them regularly

Whether you work in a construction site or in an office, you will always have to deal with dirt. There is a reason why you get your office cleaned daily. Some of the dirt that gets on your floors and furniture will also land on your fingertip hall effect joysticks. If they are not cleaned, over time you will start noticing that the lever and buttons are getting sticky. This can cause them to wear faster.

To prolong the life of your joysticks, consider getting them cleaned regularly. Once a week will do. Use a piece of cloth soaked in alcohol to wipe your joystick. Doing so will eliminate dirt before it builds up. Moreover, with the joystick being a hotbed of unwanted gunk and bacteria, you have to sanitize it after cleaning.

Deep-clean when needed

Even with regular cleaning, you might find that your joystick is a bit sticky. This happens when dirt accumulates on the surface and on the interior components. You will need alcohol and a piece of cloth to remove the unwanted grim. You may at times have to open up the controller to clean every nook and cranny. If you are not sure how to dismantle and assemble the joystick, seek help from a person that does.

Take it easy on the stick and buttons

Being too rough on the analog stick and buttons will cause them to break or wear at an accelerated rate. If you notice that the stick or buttons don’t respond well, there is a chance they are dirty or need fixing. Don’t press or move them too violently.

Keep liquids away

Last but not least, for a fingertip joystick to last forever, you must keep liquids from it. This is irrespective of whether it is waterproof or not. The waterproofing seal might be damaged. Electronic devices and liquids don’t mix.

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