How to keep Your Mini Fingertip Joysticks Clean

The mini fingertip joysticks have more sensitive components. These devices are thus more prone to damage when exposed to dirt. Unlike the hand grip joysticks, pet furs can cause the analog stick of the mini joystick to get stuck. With this in mind, it is very important that you keep your joystick clean.

What causes the dirt?

You might be the cleanest employee in your company but after a few days, if you don’t get your workspace cleaned, you will notice dirt you never thought floated around your office. Most of this dirt will settle on your mini fingertip joysticks. Other times, the dirt to your joystick is caused by sweaty palms and dirt circulating in the air. Even if you have a HEPA air filter, it is almost impossible to keep your home or office completely dirt free.

More often than not, when cleaning, few people think about cleaning their joystick despite the fact that these devices are a hotbed for dirt and bacteria. They simply wipe the top surface and leave it at that. Over time, dirt accumulates in the crannies of the device and performance issues start. You will find most dirt around the grip of the desktop controller and on the buttons. Grime also gathers in the crease where two halves of the joystick meet. But what should you do to keep your mini fingertip hall effect joystick clean?

Have disinfecting wipes

You must never use water to clean your joysticks. This is for the obvious reason that water and electronics don’t mix. However, to get rid of bacteria and remove dirt, you can use disinfecting wipes or a hand sanitizing wipe to clean your joysticks frequently. While you don’t have to clean your controllers on a daily basis, you should give them a little scrub at least once every week.

Clean the crease

It is common to forget to take a closer look at the joystick after a quick wipe. Failing to do so causes you to miss the dirt stuck in the creases. If you notice dirt in the crease, you can use a toothpick or a small screwdriver to dislodge the dirt.

Handle the joystick with clean hands

The most effective way to keep your mini joystick clean is washing your hands before you use it. You should also avoid eating around your desk. Doing so will reduce dirt exposure to the joystick.

The above are basic tips that have been around for the longest time. The lesson, however, is keeping your mini fingertip joystick clean will not only prolong its life but also guarantee a smooth performance every day.

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