How to Clean Mini 2 Axis Joysticks

Do you want your mini 2 axis joysticks to last long? The secret is to take good care of them. In addition to being gentle on the handle and buttons, your joysticks need to be cleaned. Cleaning the joystick removes debris that could otherwise cause the handle and buttons to get stuck. But how exactly do you clean your mini joysticks?

What you will need

The mini 2 axis joysticks have very fragile components. You must be gentle when cleaning them. You will need the following:

  • Toothpicks
  • Dry toothbrush
  • Cotton pads or lint-free cloths
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Disinfectant wipe

Disconnect the joystick

The first step is obviously to turn off your mini joysticks and remove all the cords and accessories. Doing so reduces the risk of breaking the controller. Disconnecting the joystick also guarantees no unwanted inputs to your system as you clean the handle and buttons.

Get the gunk out

Your joystick has numerous nooks and crannies. The best way to remove the gunk is using a toothpick. The toothpick should be dragged along the gaps between the parts of the controller. Make sure you remove dirt from between the buttons and casing.

Once the dirt in the seams has been removed, the next step is to use the dry toothbrush to remove debris and crumbs from the casing and buttons. Next, clean the areas between the buttons and parts thoroughly. The charging port also needs to be brushed clean.

Wipe the joystick down

Now that the stuck dirt is out, you need to wipe down your 2-axis joystick. You can do this using a cotton pad or lint-free clothes. A wipe down helps remove dirt that your toothpick and toothbrush missed.

If there is still some dirt stuck, consider wetting your lint-free cloth or cotton pad. Use dish soap and water for this. Avoid foaming the mix. Before wiping the joystick, you can pour the mix into a spray bottle, then spray a cloth with the soapy mixture. Make sure the cloth is damp and not dripping wet.

If you want full disinfection of the mini axis joysticks, you can skip the first two steps and use a disinfectant wipe instead. Keep in mind that your joystick has electronic parts. Electronic parts and liquids don’t mix. So make sure you use damp wipes. After the wet wipe, you can use a dry piece of cloth to dry up the controller.

How you care for your mini 2-axis joystick will determine how long it lasts and how well it serves you. You will need to clean your joystick frequently if you use it in a dirty environment.

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