How to Clean a 3 Axis Joystick

Computer joysticks should occasionally be cleaned. This is because proper cleaning will extend the lifespan of your joysticks. But how exactly do you clean a 3 axis joystick? In this post, we will be taking a look at the crucial steps you must take when cleaning your devices.

Unplug the device

Making sure that electrical equipment is not activated is the first step in cleaning. You must make sure that any computer or industrial 3 axis joystick is unplugged. For the wireless joystick, the batteries should be removed. The goal is to de-energize the device before you start cleaning it. Doing so will help avoid electric shocks that could harm you or the equipment.

Use the right tools

It goes without saying that you must never clean a joystick with water. There are appropriate tools available for cleaning and disassembling a joystick. You will also need a digital camera or a smartphone to capture images of the internal parts before taking them apart. Reference images will help you assemble the device with greater precision once you are done cleaning. You will also need a screwdriver that fits the screws on the joystick. In addition, you will need tweezers, paper towels, compressed air, and an electronics cleaning solution.

Disassemble the device

Before you get started with the disassembly, you must snap pictures of the top, bottom, and sides of your joystick. That way you will have a record of the device’s appearance. Once that is done, go ahead and take out the screws. All of the screws should be placed separately and in a secure area. You can separate the covers once the screws are removed. Before removing the circuit board, you need to take pictures of it for reference.


You can now begin cleaning the item since it has been taken apart. Use an electronics cleaning solution rather than water. Circuit boards can be damaged by water. Use paper towels to dry the components. Don’t forget to dry the moisture in the crevices and cracks. Compressed air can help remove the moisture and dirt in the crevices and cracks.


You can start putting the device back together after all the parts have been cleaned and dried. To know what goes where consult the photographs you took.

Not all 3-axis joysticks can be dissembled. You have to keep that in mind when cleaning. This is more so when you have a waterproof device. When you disassemble a waterproof device, you will compromise its waterproof capabilities. There are many manuals you can find online when working on specific devices.

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