How to Choose the Right Remote Controls for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

There are several brands that offer high-quality remote controls for unmanned aerial vehicles. It is paramount that you find the right controller based on the needs and capabilities of your aerial vehicle. For some aerial vehicles, a flight stick is enough. There are, however, some drones that require more input options in order to get precise movements and complete all the tasks at hand. Whether your reason for buying a remote control for an aerial vehicle is, here are the key considerations you should make.

Throttle control

The first thing you should look at in remote controls for unmanned aerial vehicles is the throttle control. Not all remote controllers are the same. There are many possible configurations between the throttle and the stick. In some models, the controls are on the base of the flight stick. In other models, the two are on separate modules. Your choice will depend on the convenience you need. Needless to say, both setups offer their fair share of benefits. The controllers with a built-in throttle tend to be cheaper. A detached option offers a more natural feel and buttons for more control. Your choice will depend on your budget and personal preferences.


Joysticks are set up in a number of ways. The most popular setup is the hands-on throttle and stick. With this setup, you will be able to put one hand on the joystick while the other hand is on the throttle. This is a great setup for unmanned aerial vehicles. It gives you the notion of flying a plane. Other variations include using the flight stick with the keyboard or the mouse or even another joystick. The setup you go with will depend on your preferences. It is good to note that most enthusiasts prefer the hands-on throttle and stick setup.

Buttons and switches

The number of buttons and switches you need in a joystick will depend on the kind of flying you want and the features your unmanned aerial vehicle allows. If you want to do more than flying, you will want a remote controller that offers more features. Make sure you understand the use of each button and switch so that you only get the ones you can use.


You don’t want to spend money on a remote control that won’t work with your unmanned aerial vehicle, do you? That is why you need to think about compatibility. The ideal controller should work seamlessly with your drone or any other unmanned aerial vehicle. Take a look at the devices it is designed to control. Pay attention to the radio frequency it operates on and make sure it is compatible with that of your unmanned aerial vehicle.

Remote Controls for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles