How to Calibrate Desktop Controllers

Desktop controllers are easier to work with naturally. However, you should not concentrate only on using the factory settings. After buying your next amazing controller, you may need to customize it from time to time to get the best results. But why is calibration important?

You get the bare minimum performance from the factory settings. This simply means that the desktop controllers’ speed might be slower than you need it to be. The buttons on the device might also have different purposes depending on your requirements. The next step after buying and installing a desktop controller is to check the system features and adjust them to your preferences. You can do so by following these instructions.

Plug it in

For you to change the settings, the controller needs to be plugged in. It is significant to remember that some joysticks are made for Windows and others for Mac OS. Make sure the gadget you’re using is compatible with the operating system you have. There should also be a proper connection between the joystick and your computer.

Open the control panel

Once the connection has been made, access the Control Panel to change the preset settings. Depending on the Windows version you are using, the interface may look different. Typically, if you are using Windows 10 or higher, you need to click the start button and type ‘Control Panel’ then hit enter to access the control panel. Once you are on the control panel click on ‘Hardware and Sound’ then ‘Device and Printers’. Your plugged-in joystick should be listed here.

Edit settings

You must highlight and click on the new joystick once you locate it. If you plug it into a different USB port and the joystick is still not visible, you need to verify your connection and repeat the steps above. You may have to install the drivers if the device is still not being found.

You must first select the test tab from the Properties menu before you change the settings. Choose “Calibrate” from the pop-up window and then hit “Next.” Follow the Device Calibration Wizard’s prompts by clicking on the left thumb button on the gamepad. To calibrate the axis, you have to move the joystick in complete circles. Make sure you trace the motion on the square’s four sides and corners. You should use your joystick’s left thumb button to select the next screen. The next screen will appear as a result. Press “Next” after adjusting the throttle back and forth. You must rotate the joystick multiple times to perform the Z calibration before selecting “Next,” “Finish,” and “OK.”

It is good to be aware that the software package that comes with your desktop controller may include calibration tools from the manufacturer. Use this package if they are available. They offer more accurate calibrations because they are made for your particular product. Keep in mind that you will have to re-calibrate your controller every once in a while.

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