How Mini 2 Axis Joysticks Work

The mini 2 axis joysticks are analog input devices that sense movements in 2 directions (axes). While they were primarily used as gaming controllers, they are very popular in industrial applications. The reason for their gain in popularity is the flexibility precision they offer, unlike other input devices. In addition, completing an action using a joystick is pretty intuitive. But what exactly are 2-axis joysticks?

Unless you are using a hall effect joystick, the one you select will use a potentiometer. This is a variable resistor that senses motion. The knob of the joystick is connected to the potentiometer so that when you move the joystick handle, the potentiometer knob is moved as well. The mini 2 axis joysticks have two independent potentiometers, one for each switch. The potentiometers are for the Y and X-axis. The joystick also has a spring auto return to center.

Two-axis joysticks have many uses. The main uses include:

  • Camera tilt/pan control
  • Robot control
  • Game control/input
  • Analog input of the parameters

Hardware overview

  • Potentiometers

As aforementioned, a dual-axis joystick has two independent potentiometers. The potentiometers are dual adjustable voltage divider circuits in the joystick. They provide an analog output. The potentiometers have a housing known as the Gimbal Mechanism. The mechanism has a spring-loaded mechanism that helps the joystick to self-center.

  • Switch

Some mini dual-axis joysticks come with a Push Button Switch which activates whenever you press the knob. The purpose of the switch is to offer digital outputs. In addition, there may be several buttons that offer more functionality to the joystick.

  • Knob

This part helps move the potentiometer and offers a smooth controlling experience. It can also be used to operate the switch by pressing down the cap.

Choosing the right mini-joystick

Now that you understand how a mini dual-axis joystick works and the key components, the next step is to learn how to choose the best joystick for your use. You must first ensure you are ordering your joystick from a reputable manufacturer and distributor.

Second, you have to think about what you will need the joystick for. Do you need it for gaming, camera movement, or other industrial application? The answer to this question will help you know the most ideal mini 2 axis joystick to buy. Finally, make sure the joystick is compatible with your system and offers the features you need.

Last but not least, never purchase a joystick because it is cheap. The price must never be used as the primary determining factor. You need to buy a joystick because it offers the functionalities you need. The joystick should also have a good reputation.

Mini 2 Axis Joysticks