How Do You Buy the Right 2 Axis Joystick?

When on the quest to buy a 2 axis joystick, there are so many factors you will have to consider. They range from the features, type, shape, size, and design of a joystick. Considering all these features can leave you confused. If you need extra help when shopping, here are the key considerations you should make.


It doesn’t matter how beautiful and feature-packed a 2 axis joystick is, if it is not compatible with your console, it will simply be a waste of money. Joysticks can be connected to a console using wires or a wireless connection (mostly Bluetooth). If you go for a wired desktop controller, make sure the joystick uses a connection port that is available on your desktop.

In addition to the connection type, you have to make sure the 2-axis joystick uses a protocol that is supported by your console. If the protocol is not supported, the joystick may connect but fail to give the intended results. Needless to say, this will lead to performance issues. Go through the product desktop and make sure the firmware of your controller and console are compatible.


Whether you are buying a joystick for gaming or an industrial application, you have to make sure that it is comfortable in your hands. This is because you will be using this device for hours. If the joystick is too heavy or has a poor design, it will wear you out. To confirm the comfort of a joystick, hold it in your hand and take note of the comfort level. Second, you need to review the design. How well do your fingers rest on the joystick? If you are going for a portable joystick, make sure it is not too heavy.

Build quality

Every day will not be a good day. There are times you will become frustrated and grip the joystick harder than is necessary. With this in mind, the controller you buy must be able to survive a strong grip and also withstand the impact of being dropped. The last thing you want is to go for a joystick that is so brittle that you will have to replace it after a small fall. It is worth it to spend a few extra dollars on a device with a stronger build.

Easy to use

Last but not least, the two-axis joystick you go for should not be overcomplicated. It should be easy to use.

The above are the key considerations you must make when shopping for a 2-axis joystick. The key is to pick the joystick that addresses all your needs and comes from a reputable manufacturer. You should also purchase the controller from a reputable store so as to avoid ending up with faulty products.

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