Frequently Asked Questions About Mini 2 Axis Joysticks

The mini 2 axis joysticks are the smallest joysticks that are available. They include thumb (miniature) joysticks and thumb-sticks. Being 2 axis means the joystick can only move in two axes; Y and X axis. It is good to note that these joysticks are very small in size thus ideal for use in areas where space is an issue. In this post, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about these joysticks.

What are these joysticks used for?

The mini 2 axis joysticks have many uses. They are even used in industrial settings. Just like all other joysticks, they are used to control, position, and steer a variety of machines, equipment and systems. The main uses of these joysticks include:

  • Cursor control
  • Control of security cameras
  • Target acquisition
  • Control of automated surgical equipment
  • Robotics

Simply put, mini joysticks are used in applications where precision and compact size are required. They are small in size and can be mounted easily on a variety of panels. In most cases, the mini joysticks are used to control security cameras and remotely operate equipment and automation systems.

Which sensor do they use?

The mini 2-axis joystick uses one of the two most popular sensors: hall effect and potentiometer. The hall effect sensor is the most popular thanks to its reliability. The sensor has no moving parts. This means it is not affected by friction and thus has a much longer lifespan. There are joysticks with a hall effect sensor that has been designed to withstand excessive vibration, shock as well as magnetic interference.

The potentiometer is the oldest sensor used on joysticks. The sensor is connected to each axis shaft so that the shaft rotates the contact arm. When the stick is moved, a corresponding resistance changes within the potentiometer. This adjusts the voltage. The change is then interpreted by computer software as a movement.

What is a strain gauge?

The strain gauge is used to measure strain or force. The resistance of a strain gauge will change when a force is applied. The changes give a varying electrical output.

There is a lot you need to learn about mini 2-axis joysticks before buying. However, to be on the safe side, you should always make sure that you purchase your joystick from a reputable manufacturer and distributor. You also need to match the joystick to your needs. If you work in a harsh environment, consider buying a joystick that is both water and dustproof. A joystick that is equipped to withstand high vibrations will also be required if you plan on using it on heavy equipment.

Mini 2 Axis Joysticks