Factors to Consider When Choosing Fingertip Hall Effect Joysticks

Fingertip joysticks are used when individual fingers or fingertips encompass are used to move the joystick handle. The fingertips have the most ‘feel’ and thus offer the best control when operating a joystick. The type of operation with the fingers will determine the size of the joystick and the range of possible applications. You must also keep in mind that how accurate you are will depend on the type of joystick technology you are using. The fingertip hall effect joysticks are considered to be the most accurate and reliable joysticks.

What makes the fingertip hall effect joysticks so unique? The first is the fact that the device uses contactless technology. The non-contact device measures magnetic fields and calculates the amount of signal to send out. These contactless controllers have fewer components, are lightweight and last long since the lack of direct contact reduces wear.

Another important point to note is there is a wide variety of finger joysticks to pick from. While the configuration options are versatile, they do not satisfy all demanding applications. To help with that you can contact us for a configuration as well. Here are some key considerations you must make when going for a fingertip joystick.

Operating environment

Where do you plan on using the joystick? The answer to this question will help pick the joystick that is best suited for your needs. For example, if you plan on using it in an area that experiences a lot of vibrations or shock, a joystick with the hall effect technology is the best one to go with. However, if the environment is extremely cold or hot or surrounded by too many magnetic fields, you might want to go with a potentiometer joystick.

Frequency of use

How often will you use the joystick? Some types of joysticks can withstand large cycles, others not. If you plan on installing the joystick in an area where it will be used round the clock, shift after shift, you need one with a long life expectancy. You will get more life then with a fingertip hall effect industrial joystick. These joysticks can have a life expectancy of millions of cycles. The chances of them breaking down is very small. You can, thus, enjoy repetitive use without worrying about errors due to wear.


Last but not least, you need to think about how much you want to spend on joysticks. Does your budget allow you to go for the high-performing industrial joysticks? Will the investment improve operational performance and prevent replacement and maintenance costs?

The three are the main factors you should consider when choosing a fingertip industrial joystick. To avoid frustrations, always buy your joystick from a reputable manufacturer.

Fingertip Hall Effect Joysticks