Everything You Should Consider When Choosing Mini Fingertip Joysticks

Buying the right mini fingertip joysticks requires a lot of consideration. You have to think about the reputation of the brand you are buying from as well as what you plan on using the joystick for. More often than not, all these considerations lead to confusion. But there is a way of avoiding the confusion. This post looks at the considerations you should make when choosing a joystick.


Whether you need a ruggedized joystick or simple mini fingertip joysticks, you will have two main options when it comes to the sensors; precision potentiometer and hall effect sensors. The precision potentiometer delivers precise control using simple analog signals. The sensor can be used in many types of applications and in a wide range of environmental conditions. The potentiometer is the sensor that has been around for the longest time. Its main drawback is the fact that it wears out over time. This is because it involves a manual mechanism.

The hall effect sensor is a more modern option that has gained immense popularity in the joystick world. It is different from the precision potentiometer in that it is contactless. As a result, the sensor has a much longer lifespan and is more accurate. It is widely used in multi-function industrial controllers. The hall effect sensor in a mini fingertip joystick does everything a precision potentiometer does. The main difference is this sensor lasts longer.


Away from the sensors, the next thing you must consider is how the desktop controller has been sealed. Ruggedized joysticks have to be sealed properly so that they can hold up in the harsh environments they are used in. For example, if you will be using the joystick in an environment with a lot of moisture, you will need a mini fingertip joystick that has been sealed to be waterproof. For dusty environments, make sure the joystick is dustproof. Simply put, the joystick you buy must be sealed to work in your target environment.

Mounting panel

Where do you plan on installing the joystick? The answer to this question will help focus on joysticks that will be easier to install. Never ignore the sub-mounting panel when choosing an industrial joystick. The last thing you want is to have to buy additional accessories or cut corners when installing a new joystick.

Switches and buttons

Last but not least, you have to think about the added functions of a joystick. Switches and buttons give a joystick more functionality. Multiple switches can be used to determine multi-point activation. Pushbuttons, on the other hand, can be used to improve user comfort as well.

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