Common Motion Types of Single Axis Joysticks

Whether you are interested in single axis joysticks or multi-axis controllers, one thing you must understand is joysticks have different motion types. For industrial use, you must ensure you buy the joystick that has the motion type that is ideal for your target application. In this post, we will be looking at the various motion types available for industrial joysticks.

Finger controllers

If you have researched the various types of joysticks, you may have come across the fingertip joysticks. As you may have guessed, these are joysticks that are controlled using the fingertips. In most cases, the fingertip single axis joysticks are used to offer control of speed and movement in low-profile units. This can include anything from wheelchairs to robotic operations. They are ideal where compact size and precision is paramount. The popularity of fingertip hall effect joysticks has increased significantly in industrial and mobile machinery control.

Handgrip controllers

These are, without a doubt, the most common types of industrial joysticks. They are heavy-duty and used in forklift vehicles, mobile cranes, robotic machines, construction machinery, and farm machines. In most cases, these joysticks use wear-free hall effect sensors. The big handle and sturdy design is what make hand grip controllers are preferred option for heavy-duty applications. They are mostly multipurpose and used in numerous industrial applications.

Thumb controllers

These are similar to finger controllers. They are low-profile-based joysticks which offer precise control with numerous handling and mounting options. They are preferred because they are easy to integrate with most systems. The ideal application of these joysticks includes measurement systems, machine control, CCTV, PTZ camera control, wheelchair control and conveyor systems. They are used where precision is needed. There are many thumb control joysticks available to suit your needs.

Switch only controllers

These are manually activated joysticks which are installed in control or front panels and in portable control equipment. They are perfect for raising, lowering and triggering movement up and down or right and left. They are mainly used in machine tools, construction industries, transport systems, studio technology, warehousing, and mechanical engineering sectors. The controllers have a switching function that is integrated to offer precise control. The switch-only controller simplifies command control stations, needs minimal space requirement, is easy to mount in slots on the control panels, and offers long service life thanks to their lasting and robust construction.

When shopping for a single-axis joystick, you will always be spoilt for choice. Picking the right motion type is just one of the things you will have to consider. Do not be afraid to seek expert help before making a purchase.

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