Choosing the Right Hand Grip Joysticks for Off-Highway Applications

Finding the joystick with the features you need is much easier today than it was a decade ago. There are more joystick manufacturers and even more stores to buy from. However, getting the best hand grip joysticks for highly demanding off-highway applications can be hard. While more joysticks are on the market, most manufacturers don’t build their products for demanding off-highway applications. Instead, most of the joysticks are built for a quiet office desk. So, what do you need to do to find the best heavy-duty joystick?

Consider protection against the environment

Wherever your construction machinery is headed, you will have to consider the environment in which you will be using it. Considering there is a lot of debris on a construction site, you will have to focus on hand grip joysticks with adequate gasket and sealing. This applies to the handle of the joystick too. You must go for the joystick that has adequate protection against ingress of dirt, dust, rain, salt, and other environmental contaminations. The lack of this protection will cause your joystick to break down faster than you would want. If you are using it in an area with extreme temperatures, make sure the joystick has sufficient protection against those conditions.

Keep the operator in mind

Don’t focus too much on getting the most rugged joystick that you forget about the operator. To make the operator’s work easier, you need to select a joystick that has a comfortable handle. If hand support is necessary, get a joystick with that. The joystick must have a handle that fits the control devices as well as supports an intuitive operation. There are numerous handle configurations. Choose the one that affords operators great flexibility in both shape, size and functionality.

The key to finding the best handgrip joystick is to ask about the preferences of your operator. Interview the operator early to know what they like and hate in joysticks. The style of the operator must also be considered. Is your operator heavy-handed, or does he exhibit finesse? The answer will help you know how rugged the ideal joystick should be.


Finding the best hand grip joystick is not enough. For it to serve you well, it must be placed properly. Ensure the location of the joystick allows adequate hand and knuckle clearance. Restricting movement during operation can stress the operator. You must also avoid installing the joystick where the operator may be tempted to use the handle for support or to pull themselves into a cabin.

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