Innovative Joysticks for your Boat!

Our joysticks can be custom configured to your needs!
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As Seen in Boat Magazine

SG Series

2 Axis Hand Grip
Optional 3rd Axis in Handle Top
Optional Operator Presence Switch
Redundant Hall Effect Sensors
Variety of Handle Options
IP67 Sealed Above Panel

TS2 Series

Micro Two Axis Controller
2.5 Million Life Cycles
< 3/4″ Above Panel Height

HE3 Series

Redundant Sensor
IP67 Sealed Hall Effect
Dual Independent Electrical Outlets per Axis
Stainless Steel Shaft
Pre-Programmed Proportional Analog Output
1, 2 or 3 Axis Configurations
Cable Included with Mating Connector & Pigtail Wires